New stereo no sound coming from speakers


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Hey guys I brought dc2 not so long ago but the guy I brought it from had a crappy radio install horrible wiring and only three speakers working the ones in the front barely worked sounded very low and muffled the rear left speaker was dead and right rear speaker worked perfectly I went ahead thinking it was the speakers brought new speakers all around and same thing happened I figured it was the wiring for the radio at this point but I am on a budget my girlfriend thought it'll be nice if her to buy a radio so she brought me a radio from autozone with the universal harness for Hondas and acuras I connected the new stereo with the new harness everything was working fine turned on sounded great and then out of nowhere the sound just died I re connected the old stereo and sound was coming out fine re installed the new one and no sound all the wiring is good this isn't my first time installing a head unit but I am no pro either I would appreciate any advice I read only that it could be a wire touching bare medal somewhere but if that' was the case the stereo would go into protect mode and that's not case it works perfectly fine it just isn't throwing out sound


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First and foremost......PUNCTUATION!!!!

Second, were you driving when the sound died?
Take the non working unit to an electrician to attach power to it and see if it turns on.


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mine started cutting on but only when i turn right, and i cant figure mine out either...all new head unit and was not like this a few months ago tho


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@Mortisalucard did you manage to solve it? Otherwise would you recommend the head unit?

Sorry for being off-topic. I'm looking for a good stereo and can't make my mind up which one is the best.

There are so many aftermarket stereos that it's hard to find a good one. Many of them have one digit difference in their name. Anyways I've been reading reviews on the nets and they are all hype. Most of them downplay the negatives and hype features like 7" as if it would be that important. I've found a different blog and I've set my heart on the pioneer 2550. The thing I liked about this blog is that it says it how it is. No sugar coating no BS. This page is a bit critical. It has highlighted some flaws that put me on the fence. What do you say?

Any tips?
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