New: VIP Lounge

Jay Jay

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I added a VIP Lounge like CC has. Members that have been registered for atleast 6 months with over 500 posts will have access.


ONLY couches pull out!!!!
we should make the post count higher....and the 6 month thing should be a year thing.

o.g.s only.


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500 posts is kinda hard to come by without lounge posts being counted IMO

a year maybe tho.


The Transporter
I must say I think a bit more exclusivity would be good. Like others said, maybe a year and 800 posts??


ONLY couches pull out!!!!
im just saying...the post count is a good number.....but you can lurk for 6 months...then get into our hidden integra secrets.......we must keep it from the noobs!!!!!!.........i year or 500 post.....500 legit, helpful post.


sounds like scott already started :lol:

woooooooot for the new VIP lounge! it should def. be a year, imo


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i have been registered for almost 2 years but i cannot access because i don't really post a lot, but i do contribute when i do post. i think a 1 year limit is good. i just wish i had 500 post =/


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hey, i've only got about 600'ish posts (forgot the exact count) but i've been around for 5 years. will i have access?