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I got sucker into dropping the trans on a 2010 Camaro. It's more like a German design. Battery in the trunk and using torques with the old school sub frame, WTF.


No fucks given.
:lol: How did this even get bumped? phatintegra's been here long enough to know where VIP is.

But those bromaro's are based on the same Holden platform the Pontiac G8 was, that's why it's weird like that.


Some one bumped it and then deleted the post. So I checked new post and it came up on top. Should of checked the date. That's my fault since I was using my iPhone since I'm at the shop.
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Anyone out there? I always hated the new site design, everything is messed up. But I've learned a lot about this kind of stuff costing money to run, so makes sense to make a change if user base is lower.

Or did user base go down because of the change? :confused:

Anyways hope everyone is doin good