Newb 95 special edition HELP


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So I just picked up a 95 special edition Integra I will post pics later but I know absolutely nothing about cars and now having this I obviously want to learn. Everything in it is stock, the only aftermarket parts are the exahust and it has a cool air intake, aswell as extra fog lights. It has an alarm already and its pretty clean (like I said I will post pics later) no structure damage well kept up only 113k miles.
Anyway I'm wondering what kind of mods to do without being a dbag rice burner. Im planning on getting an HID kit still debating if I want the halos or not or both? (if possible) Also wanted to lower it. No idea how to do that or what I will need im not really ready to do that yet I wanna do the lights first.

But what other kinds of mods are can I do? I know its like limitless but I havent seen a whole lot of stuff but also havent really looked. Thinking about shaved handles? But like I said I know nothing about cars so idk what it takes how long pricing all that I mean im not trying to put hundreds of dollars but wanna make it my own you know.

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