Nor Cal Treasure Island Meet 2014


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Date decided! Saturday 3/22/2014!!

Since the last meet was such a success, lets do this again. A lot of the festivities from last time were canceled / pushed back because this was such a big event! Lets keep this up!

This meet was created by XJoeNX last year to meet a lot of the Nor Cal members. A lot of you guys post on here, and we would like to meet all of you. There are a few local meets in Nor Cal like the Fenton's Creamery Roadster meet (First Thursday of the month at Fenton's Creamery in Vacaville, CA) or the Garage Star Shoki Ramen Meet (every third Wednesday, at Shoki Ramen II in Sacramento, CA) but due to the nature of these meets, they dont allow for everyone to travel to meet up, simply because its in the middle of the week. So lets all get together and do a meet and hang out!

Nitty Gritty Details
Time: 10am - whenever
Address: 300 California Ave San Francisco, CA 94130
Location: Treasure Island, CA. We will meet behind Building 2.

When you enter Treasure Island, continue going straight until you get to California Avenue, make a right then continue straight until Clipper Way make a right then continue until you reach the ocean. We will be to your left.

Here's a pic of the location.

Food: I suggest bringing in lunches, there isnt much there to eat and everything is expensive. Dont forget to bring water!

Cleaning House:
  • Be Respectful
  • Dont Burn Out
  • Clean Up After Yourself
  • No Speeding
Following photos are from last year:


  1. Samurai Blue
  2. OGstackadolla
  3. XJoeNX
  4. GoofyGamer
  5. dopematic
  6. GarageSTAR
  7. Amiguel6 (maybe)
  8. Army74D
  9. Isco
  10. The Kev
  11. slyskiller
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I'll see if I can get some Lsr to roll through. I'm sure Jordan will be there with a trailer. Lol


Three days after my birthday? Hell yeah! I'll try to make it.


Idk how Sfpd is with trailer cars off the trailer, so we may need to just park on the side or under the tree. Idk how you guys wanna do it, I just wanna make sure we have room to setup up.


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i would say first come first serve but if BC is bringing cars, on trailers there was a lot of open space next to the tree. I like the tree since my canopy is dead.


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definitely i'm going...there's some kind of fee? or something to pay for the attendance?


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definitely i'm going...there's some kind of fee? or something to pay for the attendance?

I believe the only fee is a toll fee I think to cross a bridge. But no fees to hang out with us.

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