Northwest Roll Call


the slowing down before the exit is all of PNW :lol:
merging on the freeway going 30mph, then the dumbass on the freeway slowing down to 20 from 60 to let them in...f***ing retards


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Not to mention the people who literally stops on the entrance ramp because they either don't know how to merge or they think that they need to stop until it's free to go.

Or the person who is at a yield sigh, moves forward a few feet into traffic, then stops. I have seen multiple of those people get rear ended because the person behind thought that they were going.

OR the person in traffic who then decides that the car pool lane should be used and dives into it. One of my cars were totalled because of a jack azz thinking that.
Now that I ride, it's one of my biggest fears.


I wish. We have had nothing but clear skies for the past 2 weeks and in the low 40s in the day and low 20s at night. We finally had some rain last night. Rain = Snow in the Mountains :woot:


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Any one in Tri Cities area

Looking for a Club to join or some folks to meet up a cruze with in RIchland (Tri Cities Area)