OBD-1 ECU Codes


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I got the same problem but my car will run til i accelerate,i jump the wires and a constand CEL is on but my abs light flashes???? code 1 and 2???? Any ideas?
abs code 1-2 is pump motor circuit, possible fuse or relay...


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abs code 1-2 is pump motor circuit, possible fuse or relay....


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code 9 on cel

I got the cel codes pulled the other day and i have two questions. I have a 95 Integra, do they store multiple codes and when i got the codes pulled it was a 9 code. The mechanice told me it was the cam sensor in the distributor. Can that be replaced alone or do i meed to replace the entire distributor? I looked on the list provided here and it said a 9 code was for the #1 cylinder and it was in the cyp sensor. Is this all the same?sorry for all the questions i am new to the acura world. Thanks


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When i jump the 2 wire plug and turn the ignition to ON to get CEL Code the check engine light just stays on no flashing no nothing, i pull the jumper and the check engine light goes out, is this a code 0 or something else?


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So i finally fixed everything on the teg
and engine light pops up
so noone has a 95 connecter.
after a day of searching this spanish girl at autozone told me to go to her dad lol
i mean he charged 30 bucks for the reading
I got code 6 it said low voltage
high voltage

he said i either need a new alternator or a temp sensor and fluids
i picked up the sensor going to put it in tomorrow hope it fixes it


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Can anyone post a pic of the location for the 2 wire plug for the paper clip jump? I've got a 01 integra. I'm having a hard time finding it.


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how do you scan a ob1 car? i found a tutroial some where but lost it. i know its with a multi meter.


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Hey guys im an old man and i love my car, is there anyone out there that isnt cocky that can tell me what a code 22 is doing in my car when i have a brand new type r head with a brand new vtec solenoid and pressure switch.I have just about done all the mods except the only thing that changed as of late is i replaced the entire exhaust with stainless,its an intermitant light but trips on decel about 2k rpms,apon restart the light goes away,its making me more insane than i already am,please almighty Integra fanatics please help,Marc.(95 GSR WITH TYPE R HEAD)


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need of assistance, thank you!

im getting code 12 which is EGR valve but correct me if im wrong the 94 LS engines dont have an EGR valve so in that case what would it be then?


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CODE 8- you're ganna have to replace your distributor.
i get codes 8 and 9 also codes 41 and 43

i didnt get the codes on my old or newer dizzy till after jdm b18b was installed?. my new one started throwning out the code for no reason

my o2 sensor is newer.. jdm b18b ls obd2 using obd-1 parts from old motor?


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This is a guide on how to manually read the ECU codes and what those codes mean on a Acura Integra.
Contents [hide]
1 Tools Needed
2 Supplies Needed
3 Instructions
3.1 Reading the Codes
3.2 Check Engine Light Codes and Meanings
4 Videos
5 See Also
[edit]Tools Needed

Pencil and paper to record the numbers
[edit]Supplies Needed

Paper clip

[edit]Reading the Codes
Locate the factory diagnostic plug next to the ECU for the Integra. You'll find this plug in the passenger side foot well underneath the far right hand side of the glove box. There is a two-pin connector that contains a brown and black wire.

Jump these two wires together and turn your key to the ON position.

Deciphering the code requires reading the light sequences. When the car is in the ON position, the check engine light emits two different flashes; a long extended flash means 10, and a rapid flash means 1. So, one long flash, another long flash, followed by 3 quick flash stands for 23. Equipped with that information, here are the codes for the Integra.

[edit]Check Engine Light Codes and Meanings
Long blinks Short blinks Problem
0 0 ECU
0 1 Oxygen Content
0 3 Map Sensor
0 4 Crank Angle Sensor
0 5 Map Sensor
0 6 Coolent Temperature
0 7 Throttle Angle
0 8 TDC Position
0 9 No 1 Cylinder Position
1 0 Intake Air Temperature
6 3 Intake Air Temperature
1 2 Exhaust Gas Recirculation System
1 3 Atmosphere Pressure
1 4 Electronic Air Control
1 5 Ignition Output Signal
1 6 Fuel Injector
1 7 Vehicle Speed Sensor
2 0 Electronic Load Detector
2 1 VTEC Solenoid Valve (1.8L GSR)
2 2 VTEC Oil Pressure Switch (1.8L GSR)
2 3 Knock Sensor
3 0 TCM Signal A
3 1 TCM Signal B
4 1 O-2 Sensor Heater
4 3 Fuel Supply System
4 5 System Too Rich or Too Lean
4 8 Primary Heated O-2 Sensor
5 4 Crankshaft Speed Fluctuation Sensor
6 1 Primary O-2 Sensor Circuit
6 3 Secondary O-2 Sensor Circuit
6 5 Secondary O-2 Sensor Circuit
6 7 Catalyst System
7 0 Automatic Transaxle
7 1-4 Random Misfire
8 0 Exhaust Gas Recirculation
8 6 Engine Coolant Temperature Circuit
9 0 Evaporative Emission Control System Leak Detected
9 1 Fuel Tank Pressure Circuit
9 2 Evaporative Emission Control System Insufficient


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does anyone know what causes code 22 and code 17 poping on on my check engine light i replace the speed sensor but it still dont work and my vtec won't kick in to when i pass 4600 rpm on my 94 gsr