OBD-1 ECU Codes


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can anybody help me how to fix my speed sensor even though i replace it and how come my vtec wont kick in on a 94 gsr


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use a known working sensor.
the vtec pressure switch is due to oil


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Hey so I changed my tp sensor and distributor and I still have code 7 for 2nd gen integra
hey guy i just got a crank position sensor code or #4 the engine is a h22. dizzy obd1 i was liking oil so i decided to remplace the seal i place everything back and now is giving me these code also i felt like the car has no power any help !!


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I am having the same situation here. The check engine light comes on and stays on. Does this mean code zero? If not, how is code 0 represented?

[Edit] I figured it out: If the CEL is on before jumping then light staying on is code zero. if the CEL is not on without the jumper then no blinking means no code.

0 Faulty PCM (Powertrain Control Module)

Does this mean that the light does not flash at all or comes on and stays on ( not flashing)?
This is the current state I have on my 1994 GSR. No start, the fault code I get (after jumpering the connector) is the Check Engine Light comes on but does not go out. I read that as a bad ECU.
Am I correct in my thinking?
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Why don't you look at this list which tells you the problem, and then search for fixes. Really man??


Ok so I was looking around under the dash next to the glove box and didnt see any plugs for the cel or abs, dont have cel on but I do have abs light on is there any reason why it wouldnt be there maybe a different location? 95 teg non vtec (if it matters)


99 teg jdm b20b
i have a 99 integra with jdm b20b swap and gsr tranny. i got 4 Crankshaft position sensor,7 Throttle angle (Throttle position sensor). i bought the car how it is swapped did not do any of the work myself. so im not sure what exactly is wrong. when it idles you can hear it missing a little bit not bad but a just enough to tell. adn when it is idleing it makes ticking noise. i dont think its knocking but not sure what it is can you guys help me. much appriciated. new to this type of stuff. also my speedo stopped working randomly
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