October '11 ROTM Winner: Goofygamer


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Idc about everyone else ride, your cars one of the cleanest! Got my vote..

White wheels+black car=ricer:lol: j/k. How do you like that GM MTF? It seem to make any difference shifting? Digging the car, black FTW. (well until it gets dirty)
Edit: Almost how is that DC 4-1 header? That thing hang low? (Your car is just about the same ride height as mine thats why I ask)
Psshhh white wheels on black isn't THAT bad :p The GM MTF is smooth and allows my gear to go in without feeling that "crunchness" when throwing it in gear. I don't grind anymore when shifting at high rpms which is a huge plus! the 4-1 sits lower than the 4-2-1, but I have no clearance issues. Just make sure you go down your driveway or speed bumps or up steep entrances slowly to know which angle you should approach it at without the header scraping. I just hate when I hit a big ditch and my suspension bottoms and my header hits the floor. Bad roads suck.

Props for another ITR clone, your car looks supper clean! Got my vote
Haha I don't really see it as an ITR clone, even though it is. Hence, why I used a dc2 sir-g vin tag. Thanks for the compliment! :)