oem parts from Canada


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hey does any one know a canadian acura dealership that i can order online from or if someone can help me out
i do have a paypal account lmk..

first off i want to know a couple part numbers for
an integra with a (single cam) 94-2001 (i believe they should all be the same)
the part numbers for a
and both ac lines that connect to the compressor (hi & low)
and the metal lines before that..

if anyone can help plz let me kno reason why im asking is cuz im in the us and i just got an integra with a single can and since in the us they came with DOHC the lines and compressor aren't the same and im trying to get the ac working
thanks in advance


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Umm...pretty sure all integras 94-01 come with DOHC engines regardless of region. Sounds to me like you got one with a SOHC swap.

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There were a few awd integras that came with ZC (correct me if I'm wrong) engines, but I was under the impression that it was in Japan only. I'd guess your car was swapped with a Civic engine by the previous owner.


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