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I mostly buy and use products from the dollar store, which surprisingly work much better than name brands.


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I use Meguiar's everything from wash to clay to wax. I love the scent they have in their products.
I agree, except for their Vinyl/Rubber protectant, which is basically their version of Armor All, it actually smells like dust. Meguiars Quick Detailer smells like cherry, it awesome.


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Car Wash: Meguiar's Gold Class, DI Sheepskin Mitt, DI grit guards
Drying: Leaf blower + DI waffle weave microfiber towels
Clay Lube/Spray Detailer: Poorboy's Spray and Wipe
Clay: DI Fine Grade
Buffer: Porter Cable 7424XP w/ Meguiar's 5" Back Plate
Cut: Meguiar's M105 w/ Lake City Orange Pads
Finish: Meguiar's M205 w/ Lake City White Pads
Polish: Menzerna SF4500 w/ Lake City Black Pads
Wax: Collonite 845 w/ Lake City Blue Pads
Interior/Tires/Trim/Engine Bay: 303 Aerospace
Seats: Leatherique Rejuvenator Oil and Prestine Clean

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Wow, how much useful information on cleaning cars! Does anyone know if there are any devices for cleaning the car or the house? I really need them at the moment! Tell me if you know!


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