Oklahoma where the....


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well i dont kno the song but i live around OKC just checkin to see who all is from oklahoma out here, im guessing probably no one, but its worth a try


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yo i'm from around the tulsa area (look for 99 silver dc with jdm front conversion)


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Aw... that sucks man. LIke i said though, i'd be in Tinker, and I'M HERE!!!!!! So add one more to the fun loving OK peeps. Let me know if anyone would like to meet up sometime!


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I've driven down Interstate 40 through the entire width of Oklahoma, 4 times, lol.
One time on my way back to New Hampshire, I stopped at a fast food joint just off I40 in Oklahoma to grab some lunch. I was eating in the Teg in the parking lot. A huge old ass station wagon parks next to me on the pass. side, and a little kid in the backseat swings the door all the way open and whacks it into my rear quarter panel, he swung the door open hard too, I had my eye on them and watched it happen. I got out and looked at it, the parents just started apologizing and half-heartedly offered to pay for it, they had no insurance (no dental insurance it seemed either, lol), they looked dirt poor. It left a good size white scuff, but no dagame, and the scuff turned out to come off completely with some cheap scratch remover from Autozone when I got home, I was amazed.
But anyway, that my most vivid memory of Oklahoma, lol. Nice landscape out there, I liked driving through Okie. The most boring, crappy state I've ever driven through = Arkansas. Not only does it look too much like N.H., the # of highway construction zones was out of control.

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another okie

i live 30 min east of mid west city. but work at tinker. i just got my 96 ls 4 door about 2 weeks ago.