Perfect glass severe water spots GONE!

93 Integra LS Sedan Isle Green Pearl with tan interior.
The car had severe water spots and of course I tryed the all
the home brew methods 0000 steel wool, vinager, etc.
Resulted is shinny glass but no water spots were removed.
Last month I started out with 8oz of Cerium Oxcide and the WEN 6" orbital.
CO is a nighmare to work with and it reverts back to it's original powder form
so it's constantly drying out and you have to spray it all the time with water.
One day I ran out CO.
I had 5oz of Mothers Mag & Alum Polish for my next wheel polishing project.
It worked like a charm. The drying out time is substantially less than CO.
The trick is to constantly move the orbital around slowly but never stoping
to keep the paste flowing and from drying. A cooler environment is better.
I've gone over 1 hr without spraying any water. Switch to a clean bonnet once it starts to dry.
You don't have to mix it and the clean up is like a dream compared to CO.
I bought the Autospa 6" orbital and it's quieter with less vibration and wont heat up after 1 hour.
The terry cloth bonnets from the WEN fit like a glove so it's all good now.
There is no easy or quick way to do this. It's going to take many hours of polishing.
I have 13 hours on the windshield and still have more tiny pebble chips to remove.
But that's just me, I want to get rid of all of them so I polish on and on.
I can see the difference from 1 hr on a window and 30 min on another.
So it's a matter of how shinny and beautiful you want the glass to look.
Obviously because the glass is now super smooth dirt and water just roll off.
It's like Rain-X but it's permanent. The windshield wiper system has to work
a lot less than before so visibility is better, etc.
End of soapbox, time to polish. Hope this helps.:lol:

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