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So I seen a couple of videos on youtube with cars that have this on the rims. What are you guys opinion on this. I cant find red rim paint anywhere. so im thinking about ordering two cans of this and trying it out. But on the flip side; if any body know where I can buy or order some red paint that would be good.

If not imma go with gold. Right now i have black on black theme, not a big fan of it.

I will be doing some suspension work this weekend and slamming my car. I wanted to paint my rims at the same time since the tires will be off the car.

Opinions are welcomed


Real Good!
i did the 17s that came with the integra with beadliner lol this stuff texture wise will prob be about the same
they seemed to hold up well for the week that i had them, heres a few pics. hard to mess up too, it goes on easy

damn i only have this pic
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More opinions/suggestions. Should I get the red plasti dip or should I get regular gold paint for my rpf1?
plastidip it, if you like it in gold then paint it for permanent results

...LOL at that link, if you read and see how close that retard had it on his vehicle you'll see teh culprit wasnt plastidip it was that he didnt know how to use a pressure washer
im buying some air craft paint stripper stuff to take the black off this weekend
You dont have to remove the original paint if your plati dipping! Just clean with degreaser then something stronger, then just spray, if you dont like it then just peel it off.
im going with RUST-OLEUM Carnival red paint. I just brought two cans from ACE.

Pic will be up this weekend
i sprayed the carnival red on my old rims and they are a bit too bright for my taste. its looks almost orange in the red light. i want something darker than that

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