PO420 and PO430


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I have an 2001 Integra and getting 2 catalytic system efficiency errors:
PO420 (bank 1)
PO430 (bank 2)
What could a possible reason be that I'm getting PO430 error since there's only 1 cat in this car?
Mechanics were stumped. I'd rather not pay another $150 to research the cause of this error.
Any insight is greatly appreciated!


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Check ur pcv valve if theres too much blow by u can clog ur cat from burning oil.

Have u changed ur sensors? Or take out ur sensors and clean them and see how that goes

one crazy idea u can try is disconnect ur exhaust manifold and blow the exhaust with air from the muffler side if the cat is clogged then u can blow what ever is clogging the cat the other way out lol

On another note i had a 1999 jetta and got similar issues and it turned out that my cat was burnt and was just wiggling inside its housing, i ended up just cutting the cat open and taking the cat filter out lol

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