Post a pic of your latest purchase.


No fucks given.


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Some needs to post something integra related around here :lol:

Racing shoes. 15x8s


Mac user, no idea how to do anything with computers.
Ran into a couple users that only know the basics. I need to know the insides of a mac. Might as well learn while I am getting paid :D

Remember, he is the the oldest f***er on CI :lol:
I know at least 1 guy in here who is older than me
Finally back in the teggy game. 99 4 door gs with 94 front....and yes shes very ugly end

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What happened to the other 2 that you had? :'(


No fucks given.
Dafuq would you do with a V-Rod besides sell it? :rolf:
The RR is going to be my track bike. The v-rod is an ok bike and I like riding it just to piss off HD

But I also have a Gunner.

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