Post a pic of your latest purchase.


The other asshole

Bunch of shit for the truck.

- Ball joint press
- Radiator (Old one’s cracked)
- Remote outlet for the block heater
- Corroseal to deal with a few small rust spots
- Blower fan resistor and pigtail kit

Not pictured:
- Block heater
- Full ball joint/UCA/Tie rod end kit


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Oh shit, you’re not supposed to use an impact on the ball joint press? Glad I rented that one...


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Ballpoint... fucking fantastic. That’ll be there forever. Good job removing the edit feature
No no... For whatever reason, noobs are allowed to edit their posts. Just not us.


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Probably Reno Raines still fucking with us
Had to think wtf you were talking about for a minute with that one
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I bought the compound 20. Everything else in This picture was gifted

Ten minutes after finishing my last Day of insanity my order of asylum came! Hell yeah

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I also want to change my permanent place of residence. I need political asylum USA. I do not feel safe because of my loud statements, so I want to change my permanent place of residence. Do you think it's real?


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Got a car cover for the SS.... which makes it look like a locked car from the old NFS games (pre-underground)
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