Post Pics of Local Ricers

Post pics of local ricers in your area, you can provide a story if you want. these need to be pics you took, dont want you to search on the internet and post, prolly cuz we already seen them.

i'll start i have a couple

integra - spotted on Hwy 6 & Bissonnet
dual exhaust
high ass wing
big bodykit
smoke tails
chrome rims

rsx - spotted on bellaire & beltway 8
dual exhuast
1 working headlight - other one does work

i'll post more soon


a.k.a. crabs!
lol listen to mojo trying to boss around a mod hahah thats funny stuff right there

i wish i could find this on taurus again... i didnt have my camera phone with me at the time but it was like an 03... or atleast that same body style and it had blacked out windows chrome rims (20s probably) and believe it or not...

:roll: so sad. i couldnt stop laughing though
its not bossing around, its the truth..and being mature..i mean we cant do this in every thread. its all in good fun, but try to keep it in one thread.

so anways...back to the topic.

i dont think that counts's another one. at a meet in was a joke making fun of ricers but i should post it for fun.



a.k.a. crabs!
oh it counted. it was terrible. i wish i could have gotten a closer look. ive been keeping an eye out for it though... and others of course. but that last honda is freakin crazy! :roll:


a.k.a. crabs!
wth is up wit that red hatch? is that a trailer that he pulls? damn this thread is going pretty good..gonna put a digi cam in my car now..instead of using my phone camera. i should have some good pics soon. i have alot of ricers in my area

Ominous G2

The 4 door G2 is destroyed, why would you make the gas door crooked?