Power Door Locks Not Working

Hi I have a 94 Integra gsr. My door locks aren't working. However when hit the remote to lock/unlock, my lights flash like they always do and the alarm is armed... the doors just plain don't lock. The switch on the door won't lock/unlock the doors either. At first this problem was intermittent, but now the doors aren't locking at all. I'm wondering what the issue is seeing as how both doors won't lock (possibly ruling out just a dead actuator).
Anyone know what the deal is?


Im having a similar problem, my locks don't work along with my ashtray and cig lighter light don't work.
Checked the fuse with the key in the on position and I'm not getting power on either side of my fuse
I'm going to assume you can still manually lock the doors with the key and by just pushing the nob down.
If I am assuming wrong please tell me because the steps I am telling you will be wrong!!!!

~Check Fuse #1 (20A) in the under-dash fuse/relay box
~Perform the power door control unit input test

Here are some ISIS Diagrams that should help you along the way

Power door troubleshooting steps

Power door control unit input test



Jesus is THE way
i really cant tell what that says^
i would really appreciate it if you could email me it?
im havin the same prob, my locks wont work unless its really hot out
i was thinking it could be some sort of relay but i dont have my manual on me because im moving
it looks like those screens could help alot but i cant read what theyre saying
and is the control unit pretty much the only relay in the lock circuit?

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