power increase questions 95 B18B1


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Hello, I just joined the forum. I recently picked up a 95 integra LS, 5 speed. I got the car for free with a blown clutch, installed a new one and started driving it. The car has high mileage (240k) but i dont believe it has the original motor or trans as it shifts very well, runs very well and does not burn a drop of oil.

I am selling the car relatively soon (couple few months) and almost think that getting some more power out of it would make it an easy sell, as well as more fun to drive in the meantime. Ive considered bastardizing a turbo setup (factory turbo from another car, low boost) that way i know the turbo isnt some pos thats going to blow up in a matter of weeks. Does anyone have any good starting suggestions? im attempting to keep the budget low, as I have almost nothing in the car in the first place.

I also didnt know if id have to change things like injectors if i was running low boost (5psi) and what the best route to go with for the rest of the parts would be. any input would be appreciated.

I have thought about throwing nitrous at it but figured that was a worse idea than installing a turbocharger.


When you mod a car, you don't get much of that money back in a sale. You'd be best to keep it stock; modded cars make buyers a bit uneasy, since it's likely been beat to shit.
Also, don't half ass power mods like boost and spray, you'll blow your shit up. When you add power like that, you need to tune the ecu or it won't be running proper.


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More power would make an easy sell??? Oooh like all the other low budget boosted Hondas out there...