Project: Integra Restoration


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So I sold my 98 GSR a year and a half ago and bought a 02 maxima for a daily normal car. Long story short, I got bored. So about 2 months ago I decided to sell the maxima after my wife and I bought a 2012 GLI for her. I went and found a pretty much bare bones 94 GSR that was gutted. So made a few mistakes, vehicle history report showed no major incidents except a minor rear collision which had not been fixed. Turns out the car had major rear end damage (found this out mounting new bumpers and filler panel w/ trunk fitment, so its not perfect unfortunately at this point. So on to the good part pics. Don't have a full shoot of the car close to finished yet, but have a before pics and some teasers. I'll post a full shoot soon.


After: (teasers)