Quick diagnose 90's Hondas and Acuras


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Car needs air, fuel, and spark to turn on and tune a car. (Without 1 it will struggle to turn on. With 1 only spark works alone. With 2 car will crank but will not start. 3 car will start but will need fuel.

Tuning by Hand with basic hand tools only real way to tune and learn the fuel system, eletrical system, and physical steering mechanics of an engine and different parts of the engine that supports it if one fails it causes ecu (computer to fail reading air to fuel ratio correctly causing poor MPG). As long as the part is there and available to adjust the part has to be sensitive like the carbeactuer, thorttle body valve/sensor and Distributor (dizzy controls spark and timing 2 functions of keeping the engine alive and able to spark(start) the car it does not just have 1 job like fuel pump, fuel regulator, main relay, intake manifold, air intake, headers, exhaust, and steering (power steering pump)and A/C components and A/C lines, and fuel lines etc etc.)

Fuel injectors and Direct fuel injections upgraded for tuning back in the days to tune with hand tools

Timing is the whole engine (timing belt, and timing chain connnected throughout the whole engine camshafts, cam gears, and crank pulley which is located on the block (bottom of the engine all connected to the timing belt)

Integras use timing belt only controls engine timing

Lexus uses timing chains only controls engine timing

Timing chains used in 2010s up Nissan gtr and Mercedes, audis, and BMWs

Ferrari, BMW, and Mercedes Porsche don't use Distributors to control timing and spark because the ecu does it all for the cars

Abs controls braking and computer brake lines

Lexus combines brake booster master cylinder and abs unit accumulator as one unit so you have to replace the whole thing if it goes bad

Carberactor used to tune Monte Carlos, ss, ls engines, chevys and camaros, 1967 mustangs fox body, fastback, Volkswagen Beatles stick shift and more

Cars are useless without the computer (ECU)

Computers (laptops) are used to tune newer cars Ferrari, audis, BMW, Porsche, gtrs , and more.. to get rid of carb tuners and Distributor tuning.

Distributor is a great part cause it controls 2 things (spark and timing)

Fuel pump doesn't need battery to send fuel up the lines into the engine (but just needs enough voltage from the mainrelay and other eletrical parts)

Every eletrical part controls spark in the car

The carberators were replaced by a bigger thorttle body and newer intake manifold design that is not tune able anymore it actually deletes some pcv valves and gets rid of some sensors that were made for the car (never trust aftermarket)

Car does not need battery to run all parts of the car. It can run everything poorly without it, but battery is tiny help that acts as a power bank to draw extra energy from if the alternator is not able to produce enough voltage by solely relying on the belt and engine running itself to keep some constant voltage to keep firing to keep voltage amp alive enough so that the engine isn't just exploding by itself without getting anywhere because it is not powering anything like a back up generator (power bank) to keep things alive (basically engine is just coughing out loud and farting without the computer and ecu keeping the car engine running property and alternator acts as a resistor box to keep voltage levels stable and safe or else it would be out of control for the heart of the car.

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