Radio and clock don't work

my radio and clock went out simotaniously, i have checked all fuses and they are fine so i dont know where else to turn. And about a month before that my horn stopped working. My car is a 1995 Acura Integra LS

Probably this, but double check the fuses again (the normal box), the radio and clock are on the same fuse. Make sure it's the correct rating and it's installed properly. Check all the fuses while you're at it. I only had my interior lights one go on me but when I checked them all I had two more that needed changing,

in my 95 ls i had the same problem it was working cause the smuck i bought the car from cut the car side harness and cob jobbed the aftermarket radio in it, once i wired the new harness in i had no clock or radio, did a little research and theres a 7.5amp fuse in the engine bay listed as a back up i replaced that and i once again had my radio and clock back
my fuse was bad but i put the 10 amp hazard fuse in there and still nothing so i just switched back. any tips on what could be keeping my radio from turning on. ive checked all the wiring nothing is exposed and everything is connected the way it was when it was working.
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I had the same issue happen after taking the battery out and putting it back in. My problem was a fuse under the hood. It looked ok, but a test light proved otherwise. Replaced the fuse and it was fixed.

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