Rebuild or New? Thats the question....

Okay I have dilemma on my hands here. I have a B18 head inside my 91 Integra RS and my original plans were to do an engine swap with a B16 head. But some of my friends in my car club said it would be easier to rebuild the B18 engine head. What do you guys think? New or rebuild? B18 or B16? Hmmmmm........ :???:

If you got the B18B block, get the B16A head. "LS/VTEC" engine = fast.


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you can find VTEC heads for around 300-500. you can find LS heads for 100 or cheaper 8)
A brand new BARE ITR head runs $600.
Yes you would. Definately the right ECU or your car will run like shit.
DownShift96GSR said:
A brand new BARE ITR head runs $600.
i got mine for 500 shipped from it was a sale they had going on.
thats where i got my price from was I was gonna get it but then realized I could just port n polish my head out to the ITR specs for cheaper.....

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