Remove rear seats

So I've been wanting a rear seat delete for a while and just went outside in the 97 degree heat trying to figure out how to take them out and can't find what all is keeping them in. I know it's a noob question but it's too hot outside so if anyone can just give me some guidance I'd appreciate it.

Well with the second gen there is a bolt in the middle holding the part that you sit down on, if you take that off then that part comes off. Then I think theres just some more bolts that hold the back of the seats in on the sides.
I was able to pull back one of the seat cushions a little but couldn't get it completely off. And there's a locking mechanicism on the sides it looks like. So I'm lost on it

pull the seats down.
go to the passenger side rear seat
on the left side of the seat theres a plastic bracket pop it off, its where the seat connects to the body pannel.
slide the seat to the right and it should come out
do the same to the other side
use a 10mm to get out the bolt for the seat
wiggle the butt part of the seat out the brackets are in a Z shape on it
So the seats are out now. Took maybe 6 minutes thanks to your help bro, I appreciate it. I thought they were going to be heavy.... does it really affect performance having them out? They're really light.


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Less weight is less weight. Every little bit helps, you're not going to shave a whole second off your 1/4mile time or anything. But you'll notice it in corners and such.


I can feel a difference with the rear seats and spare tire equipment out of my rear; especially downshifting up a hill, the response is marginally better
After test driving last night I definitely feel a difference in response. And the sound echoes when the stereo is on so it makes it a lot louder. Now I've just got to get in there and do all the cleaning/sanding/vacuuming/priming/painting so I can make it all black inside. Will post pics

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