Report any Spam PM's you recieve


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I've received complaints from a few members about a new form of spamming coming to the forum

Certain members have received PM's from spammers with the same type of links as what would be posted on the forum in random threads linking you to porn, buisnesses, "free" phones, ect.

If you are recieving any of these pm's, please pm one of the mods a username and what the pm had for spam so we can removed the spammer from our forum.

for instance, I just deleted a user who had 0 posts, but had managed to pm 44 different members linking them to his spam.

no one had reported this until one person finally spoke up.

Thanks in advance to everyone that is helping!
The more you guys can help report the spam, the sooner we can try to clean up the forum.


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What do you mean going to be? I get them all the time, I usually have them cleaned up quick.


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I'm new here, how's it going?
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I got spam'd but didn't report it because the person was banned before I got a chance to report it lol good job mods! Love this site