Rpm issues 95 integra coupe

I need to kno how to trouble shoot my idle Problem is .... I had to adjust my idle on cable to a higher rpm 2000 ,cause at a stop the car dies out so to keep it from dying I am pressing the brake & stepping on the gas pedal to keep it from dying the car has good acceleration & runs fine except for stopping
Oh I forgot to say " while at stop lite the rpm dropps to bout 1500 & wen ac is put on it drops to a perfect 1000 rpm"wat the hec? Can u thelp me figure tho out someone????


No fucks given.
Clean the IACV.


No fucks given.
Thanks dude I had a boyfriend that teaches me how to troubleshoot but everytime i ask him to come & help me I always end up waiting & doing it myself , shhhhit

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