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hi, I got 93 integra automatic and today it wouldn't start, the s3 light in the instrument cluster was blinking, it started after s3 the light stopped blinking like 5 minutes later, i didn't get a cel so I don't know what's wrong. Any ideas to what went wrong? any help appreciated, thank you.


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Disconnect your battery for a couple minutes than reconnect it
do u have any idea whats causing it?
The s3 light is flashing to tell you there is a problem...most likely one of the many celunoids for the transmission. I am experiencing the same problem coupled with it not starting for a while after it flashes. You can check the TCM codes by doing the following:

Underneath the driver side dash there is a brass box attached to the firewall. Put your head underneath dash, reach up and turn ignition key to position ii. On the bottom of this brass box is an LED light that will blink the codes for what is wrong (same concept as an ECU). Short blinks=1 Long blinks=10...once it has listed all codes it will start over again.
Here's a link to the TCM codes
hope this helps
the saga continues . . . s3 light on shift, automatic, is still blinking, the car will only work in 3rd gear = when set in 'D' UNLESS i manually shift, then it can access 2nd and 3rd gears only - code 08 is the only code that comes up - checked distributor tdc/ckp/cyp = all 3 around 375 ohms + checked all 6 posts to ground = NO continuity + also checked the lock-up solenoid valve assembly = 2 solenoids - both clicking/working
anyone have a suggestion for a direction to further investigate . . .
From what i have read code 8 says- fail to shift (stuck in 1st or 4th gears).

Have you tried draining the transmission fluid and filling with new ?

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