September '11 ROTM Winnder Samurai Blue


Yolo Whippin'
voting for this guy i guess :D
Thanks wayne

Looks good! I'm surprised you didn't paint your VC...

How much hp/tq you putting down?
Havent gone to the dyno yet, i was seating the rings and stuff
Also my vc is being painted by 8urcivic. Thats my temp JDM one

Nice Dylan
thanks alex!

your setup is pretty similar to the last civic i had, put down over 200 to the ground ftw!!
im looking for 180ish

Just curious where did you get this rear bars? I have been looking but can't find them for sale anywhere?

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hella jdm store. I think its a discontinued part, idk its like 1200$ tho


with a good tune youll make more than that


Well efff this crap, Now I have no hope of winning this month :( lmao, looking good as always bud