September '15 ROTM: Nick_C78


The other asshole
I just got cancer from reading that moronic shit...

If you like rich so much victor why don't you pay him a few thousand to suck his dick, that's sure to give you a few extra horsepower. :roll:

I am still confused why he posted in this thread instead of my build thread. All his questions would have been answered out the gate, but then again he did miss the dyno graph posted in the very first post and then says I need leather interior, a radio and hopes I dyno tuned it... This car weighs 2100 lbs and has 233 whp. That is a better power to weight ratio than a corvette, but sure, lets talk about adding more HP for a circuit car.


Well after I added
The subs and 2 batteries and huge box in the trunk I needed more power. My motor
Only has 80k mi on it now It's only going to be a little investment to build the top end. The bottom ends great . It's nice to have stainless steel tanabe exhaust with new
Header and gets great gas mileage now that's it's been tuned. Really for this car it's nota race car so 200hp is fine w me. It's going to be fun getting the new paint and leathers re-done. iits nice to have toys and no rich didn't rip
Off. I brought him my car and he tuned it up nice. he has a tig Weser too and welded me a flex pipe to my cat. It's nice to know folks who have built everything out there and can do anything u want and/or tell u how. A lot of guys in there doing all sorts of cool cars. they have a block cleaner onsite and do rebuilds daily for all
Sorts of things. The owner has a Acura NSX all justiced. It's a hobby for him, making tons of horsepower :) if you reall want to look dumb open your mouth some more to impress everyone about how much u know about building street rods and race rods. I bet u wish your car could be touched by people
Like rich :D but your to broke and think everyone's a ripoff
I think you just want to be like these people your referring too. Instead of criticizing someone else's build why not read his build thread and give him some tips that would relate to why he is building his car the way it is. :roll

Like everyone else is saying, hes building a track car not some street rod or drag car. Big Difference:
And being broke has nothing to do why he has his car the way it is. He likes what he does and he enjoys it year round.

When I'll built my car i was broke as well, but I also went around parts that were the best bang for the buck. Not just buy the most expensive part out there just because people said it was the best. Which is why they invented the phrase "Shop Around"

Nick's built a sweet ride therefore either play nice or GTFO.. have a good day sir :)
Far from broke. If I wanted it to have 600 hp.. It would. Hell it has sleeves, H-beam rods, forged pistons, oversized valves, ported head and a custom beehive valve train. I didn't exactly skimp. I built it to run at 10k rpm all day long. Not 10 seconds.

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