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ok this is my first time posting so bare with me. i got a b18 and it needs to be timed. i got it without any cams cam gears or timing belt. what is the easyiest way to time it. i got new cams and gears but i am not sure how to time it in this situation. thanks

Its easy its based off of the lil dots on the cam gears just line them up lol O and also u have to make sure your number 1 piston is up all the way and if you dont kno which piston is number 1 its the 1st one on the left closest to ur Dizzy :D
The cam gears should have marks that point to each other. They also have "UP" inscribed on them. That should obviously point up. There is a little part of the cam that sticks out, that should be up when the gears say up. Make sure you install them correctly. The crankshaft also should be lined up with the mark on the oil pump housing.

So with the crankshaft, and camshafts lined up you should be able to install the belt. The rest of it is just spark plug wires in the correct location on the distributor cap, which would be shown in the picture above.
Mine runs but badly. I turn the dizzy to the rear and it almost dies out. I slowly slowly turn it forward and its the same as hell but when I go from back to front quick it seems to smooth out. I havent taken anything apart yet but this seems to be messed up. Yes?
Did you just put a timing belt on, or is it just running rough?
If you just did the timing belt, you might have the cam gears off a tooth. (Or it might have jumped a tooth..)
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