Shop to install header and exhaust

Cy Green

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Looking for a place around frederick, md or the surrounding area (within 50 miles) that will be able to install an aftermarket header and exhaust for me. I have a 96 integra ls and a few of the shops that I've gone to so far want a ton to have these put on. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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do it yourself. its just a few bolts.

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Yeah. All you need is a jack, some jack stands and a basic socket/wrench set. The only problem you might run in to is getting the old bolts off...those can sometimes be a bitch. Also, if you got a cheap exhaust there might be some fitment issues.


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What is "a ton" to you? Surely, they do not want $2000. ;)

Research, then do it yourself.


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Oh and hangers, you'll need some wd40 to get those off more than likely. It really isn't that hard to do on your own, you even get the satisfaction of doing it yourself.

Cy Green

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Well I thought you had to weld to the header and the exhaust to the cat? The only reason I have to keep the cat at this point is to pass MD inspection. On that note, when you get inspected will they throw a fit if I have a short ram intake on?

Cy Green

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No welding and I passed inspection with my aem short ram on it.
Really? Well if that's the case then I should be able to put it on. Although these random T-storms need to stop popping up as I'm getting ready to work on my car.


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You will be fine. The storms do suck. Although an intake should onlt take like 30 minutes to do. That includes ripping the old out. Its pretty simple.