Shopping for sway bar

What's up y'all. Im new to this and still a bit clueless. So I'm looking to upgrade my sway bar but even after doing research I saw that the size of the bar depends on the set up, so I'm here to see what y'all think. I have a 99 GS with polyurethane bushings all around and the itr front and rear shocks along with the control arms. I read that even with a subframe brace there can still be subframe tear if the springs are too soft and I'm wondering if the it's show is are too soft for a 24mm sway bar. Thanks you for the help.
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I don't even think I've ever heard of anything "tearing" after putting a bigger sway bar on. You should be fine, but 24MM is bigger than stock, so I'm not sure if you have to modify.. LIke the Miata needed adjustable links.. I'm new to tegs lol.

But more than likely they are talking about poly tearing over time. Rubber bushings are built to last, poly is stiffer and better but also subsequently less durable in comparison to good OE rubber.

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