Show us your Teggy vinyl wrapped

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I recently started to wrap my DC4, due to the not so good condition of the paint from previous owners leaving the poor Tegs in the sun. So I started to wrap the car DIY of course and I want to see what other cars have looked like before and after.


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You're not gonna get much of a response from this site on wraps.

Either our cars look like shit and we spend a bunch of money on mods, or our cars are super clean and there's even more spent on mods :lol:


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Or our car looks like shit and haven't really spent any money on mods, like me. :lol:


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Wrapping in theory is a cool idea, but what people dont know is you need a fuck ton of body work for it to look nice. It needs to be 100% blemish free, ie no dents for the wrap to come out nicely. Any dent will be highlighted by the wrap especially if its glossy.


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It wouldn't be a bad idea for road racers since we have the "50/50 rule, which means the vehicle must look undamaged and straight at fifty (50) mph from fifty (50) feet. XP