Skunk2 Pro-S II Coilover Sale

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We are having a sale on Skunk2 Pro-S II Coilovers.


•Mono-Tube Construction
•Shortened Shock Body And Stroke
•Double-Adjustable Ride Height
•One-Piece, Forged Shock Body
•Factory-Set, Precision Valving
•Forged Upper Mounts (Some Applications)
•SAE9254V Racing Springs
•High-Quality Shock Oil
•Triple Upper And Lower Seals
•Oversized Pistons And Shafts
•Custom Spring Rates From 8-18kg/mm Available (sold separately; additional charges apply)
•1 year warranty

For more product information visit the links below.

Most applications are $683.99 shipped to the 48 states.

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Or buy directly from the CI Store

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fudge! I saw this too late

Do u guys still have them on sale, ill buy next week if I dont get my rims
how long these going to be on sale for? i really want a set i just only have half the money saved for em so far gotta wait another 2 weeks then i should have enough.

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