Slug Race Build

Lets see how far I get on this build, before I pawn it to some schmuck :lol:

I am not going to go into detail about my project. Lets start off with the details of the platform.


2001 e46 5spd manual coupe
M54 making 225hp/214tq stock

Everything OEM and stock for now


2005 E46 6spd manual coupe
M54 making 235hp/222tq stock
M Performance Suspension
Lowering springs/shocks (havent jacked up the car to see what they are)
BBS LM Reps 18" :thumbdown

To Be Cont....
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I gotta do the cooling system first. No record when it was last done.

Why the bearings?
There was a recall on the S54 engine for rod bearings. I think its just now part of regular maintainance now. check this post out.

You basically want to do cooling, rod bearings (if not done) vanos rebuild, and then subframe reinforcement. I would take care of you at the shop i help at but youre in WA :(
Gotcha. Mines not an M3. Just has M3 performance package and accessories. Its the 330ci ZHP package with the M54b30 motor. I appreciate your offer to help.

I do need to get the rear subframe reinforced. I need to get it on the lift to see what it looks like back there.

Decided to get the original shorty knob that it originally came with. The long neck wasnt doing it for me. The shorty feels so good in my fingers. Love it :headbang:

The box it came in

Out with the old, in with the new

Looking forward to how this turns out. inb4 "heyyyy that's not an M3??"
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No fucks given.
Decided to get the original shorty knob that it originally came with. The long neck wasnt doing it for me. The shorty feels so good in my fingers. Love it :headbang
Used to having a small knob in your hand, eh? :rolf:
Let me know how that works out :lol:

Nice. What brand and wheels/tire specs?

Is there a build thread somewhere?
Look up Spec E46 rules and i believe in this trim minus aero, the car complies with since it does race in Spec e46. There is no build thread on the car (since the series in Nor Cal is super competitive) , but let me tell you its pretty cool inside in its full endurance trim. The tires are 255 Toyo RRs i think.
She is being sold this Friday

This thread will continue, once I pick up another e46. Hopefully soon...

To Be Continued....
3 months later, and here I am with another e46. This one is all stock 2001 330ci 5 speed manual. Picked her up the other day. Found a dry day to take a pic of her

Gotta love CELs. And the code it came up with was so vague, that I decided to start with the most obvious one. The DISA was making a rattle snake noise at idle, and would go away when I unplugged it. I knew I needed to replace it. With the new one installed, the rattle snake is no longer in my intake manifold and purrs. I had reset the CEL and drove around for a bit. Unfortunately the CEL came back :angryred:

On to my adventure...

If you need to know, its the part attached to the manifold behind the oil dip stick

What a mess and the filter needs to be replaced

What I had to remove

Old and cruddy. New and improved
The old one had enough play to cause it to rattle when air was flowing through the flapper

Look at all that crud inside the manifold :shock: