Slug Race Build

Was able to get my car on the lift and see where the oil leaks were really coming from. I knew there was 2 places the engine was leaking oil. The Vanos feed line and the oil filter housing gasket. I was not expecting it from the oil pan gasket, trans shift selector seal, trans output shaft seal, and diff output seals.

The diff isnt leaking bad, but might as well get it fixed. The oil pan was going to get removed, so I can replace the oil pump shaft and sprocket with an upgraded one that will withstand the abuse of racing.

Time for some drinking :alcoholic I mean, cleaning. Shit, might as well do both :lol:

Its been a long month. Did some maintenance to keep this car on the road. Oh, and to pass track inspection ;)
Today was the first of many track days. Today was HPDE and I couldnt be happier passing inspection.

During the month, I had replaced OFHG, Vanos hose, Spark Plugs, Gas cap, cabin filter, and flushed the brakes with DOT 4. I didnt have time to rebuild the calipers or install HP+plus pads. Didnt do to bad stopping with street pads.

Found a set of cheap 5 series wheels to replace my skinny 3 series wheels that came with the car. Due to budget restrictions, I got a new set of 245/40/17 BFG Comp 2 shoes for street/track use. Then went and did an alignment. Decided to swap out the old worn out shift knob to a ZHP knob.

Having to resort to an extension to break loose the lug nuts

Some pics from today


“Budget restrictions” “BFG Comps”

Budget restrictions are when you have to settle for kumho’s
Those tires are for Broke Folks

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