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1990 Acura Integra GS 5 speed

I am having this issue with my car where it will occasionally stall. The issue started out very occasionally. I would be coming up to a red light in neutral while braking and the engine would drop RPMs and stall.

This was paired with a very rough hot idle, so I assumed the IACV was the issue. I pulled this off the car and noticed the screen on it was almost completely covered in carbon. So I cleaned the screen and sprayed out the inside of the valve many times until I felt it was clean.

Upon installing it the rough hot idle seemed to go away for the most part but the stalling still remained. It was mostly just annoying due to the fact that the car would always start right back up no problem.

However, I went to go see if I can narrow down the issue tonight and this was a different story. It wouldn't stall all the time, but it did a few times coming to a stop while on the brakes at first.

Then it stalled in gear twice. The only surefire way I could get it to stall was as follows: drive the car in gear for a little and then go into neutral, come to a stop, and stay pressing hard on the brake pedal. Last time I did this tonight the car would not start back up.

I heard the fuel pump running when I flipped the ignition, but the car simply would not start. After many crank attempts I tried bump starting it. Nothing. It finally started after I kept trying.

I am very confused about this issue. It wont stall if I sit there idling and hold my foot on the brake pedal, it only seems to want to die after coming to a stop or when in gear driving. It definitely seems like the issue has gotten worst. The car has a new distributer cap and rotor, replacement (used OEM) coil, new spark plug wires, new spark plugs, and valves set to spec lash.

Anyone have any insight into what could be wrong with my Integra?


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Update: did some reading on the forums tonight and found something interesting. A number of people with 4th gen Civics talking about a stalling issue when turning and/or braking when low on fuel.

I notices I was low on fuel during this whole test tonight, and very well may have been the other times my car has had these mysterious stalling issues.

So I decided to make a fuel run. It was a bit stressful, between the icy 4am roads and my car now stalling at every stop/turn. I barely made it to the gas station but after filling the tank my problem is gone.

I read that the issue the Civics were having was either a fuel pump sock that fell off, or was the wrong part all together. I will be dropping the tank and seeing what I find at a later time.

Hope this can help if anyone else is having this issue.