Starting Issues 1992 Ls


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New member here, just want to keep this short and thorough. 1992 Ls cranks but wont start, mechanic found out no fuel was getting to it and determined it was the fuel pump. This was the issue why is wont start. The car ran fine and dandy before this happened and has new ignition coil, battery, distributor, spark plugs and wires. On a related/non related note the car also dripped coolant near oil pan and dripped oil and ABS light came on at the time. Are these related at all?


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They are known for fuel pump issues, my 91 has had 4 since 2012. If the 91 and 92 are the same it requires dropping the fuel tank. BTW, the fuel sock/pump filter from the parts store most probably isn’t the right one which has a lot to do with why they fail. The pump has to strain pulling gas through a contaminated filter causing it to reach the end of its lifetime early.

They are also known for solder separating from the circuit board on the PG-FI main relay which is located under the drivers side dash. Checking for any signs like burnt wiring smell in the PG-FI or unsoldered nipples sticking from the board would be the best place to start. If it’s just separated solder it’s an easy and cheap fix.