Stock gsr want to boost

Im wanting to boost my stock gsr. My goal for this motor is make 350 hp but wouldnt mind a little more.
I have been reading around at different forums and they say that the stock internals should hold up to about 300 to 350 (correct me if im wrong) but I dont want to risk blowingit. My budget is gonna be around 5k for the build . im thinking of going with the 10:1 comp setup. Any advice is appriciated.
You can hold 300hp with a good tune and will probably be reliable, but on stock internals I wouldn't push over 300 at all.

I think you can do a decent setup for 5k. Upgrading the rods and pistons would be a good idea, and if you're going to change the comp ratio a different piston is in order anyways. Any specific questions?
You would probably be fine raising the compression as long as you have a competent tuner. Do you know what size turbo you want?

As for the pistons and rods I would go with CP pistons and rings with manley rods.

What are you planning to do with this car? Daily driver? Track? Drag?
I'm running a t3/t4 57 trim and it's just about perfect for a daily driver. It spools up just over 3,000 rpm's, so if you're driving normal you won't hit boost and you can still get decent gas mileage. However it is quite tempting to boost, therefore gas mileage will suffer a little. Lol.


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A stock b18c1 can handle around 450hp daily driven, the only thing you gotta worry about over time are your valves since stock valves aren't heat treated to handle the extra heat the turbo produces inside your motor. 350 you don't have to worry about a thing. I've been running around 365hp in my bone stock gsr for the last few years, no problems. But if you did keep it stock and wanted to go more than 350 get head studs. Other than that 350 is safe.
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I would compression test the motor and make sure it's safe, then I would do Headgasket, valve seals, and arp headstuds.

That's what I did to my all OEM b17 with 280k miles on it and made 278whp at 9psi on a pieced together kit (cast log manifold, small eBay turbo, small intercooler, tial wastegate, greddy bov). The thing really holding my set up back was the intercooler