Stolen black DA in Socal 323 area


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Figured I'd stick it here, since everyone checks out this thread

My homie just got his car back from a body shop and someone just jacked his car last night at about 3 am. So if anyone notices this car driving around or noticed someone parting out one call me at 323 313-8440

Plate# 3VXP566

Quickest thing to notice is the grey bride replicas that are in it, nobody else has them in a black 90-93 integra also has a B16, rollin on Si's, JDM one piece headlights

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I hate thieves. Sexy G2, hope they find it in one piece.


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XSI_DA_IN_TN said:
Since the people at the body shop had the keys, a copy could of been made. I'd check them.
ur very correct....the body shop deff could of made copies of the thinkiing.... 8)