Submit for Septmber '15 ROTM

youre automatically entered in.
Yup; I just entered again since I deleted my other entry thread :p


I'm a gearheAd
Just waiting on my steering wheel and then I'll submit my ride :lol:
woohoo! It's on like donkey kong!
I say we make ROTM interesting and allow people to enter any time. Making it possible to win back to back months, even a year straight. I feel allowing the winners to compete is the only way to keep a full roster. We simply don't have enough participants for the whole 6month thing.

PS: I am not saying this so that I can enter again...I just really think there is a lack of interest because there is no competition. You pretty much just wait for everyone else to win so they can't enter and then take your seat and wait for process of elimination for you to win.

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