Subs not working.


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I have 2 Skar 12" 600 RMS subs running in my car system. The amp is a skar 1500 RMS. I recently had to remove the speaker wire from the sub box to access a spare tire and after doing so I didn't reconnect the subs until about 8 hours later. For the first 2 minutes, the subs worked fine but after that, they haven't been working. The amp powers on, but the subs give no sound. If I press on the positive speaker wire going into the box, it works. The negative has no issues, but the positive will only work with pressure applied. The subs worked fine before for months with no issues. The wires are not shorted also.


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There is a connection issue at the spot where you apply pressure. When you apply pressure, you are completing the circuit, making the sub work. All you have to do is tighten/secure that connection.