Super Charger or Turbo Charger

Hello, new to these forums and I wanted to start a debate for my 1998 Integra LS.

What would the best route be for forced induction?

Super Charger
Turbo Charger

I have about 1500 to spend and was wondering which route to go. Or if I even should be modifying the engine at all. I have a background in diagnostics from school for which I have excelled at. I am learning about transmissions and engines from friends who have had cars as their hobby since they were young.

I am not in this for racing or being the fastest on the street. I just want an affordable boost in horsepower.
How much boost should I run with either one. When this is added I will want it tuned professionally.

Am I going the right way to increase horsepower as this is my daily driver. The 1500 is only for the turbo/supercharger. The tune will be separate.

Any thoughts to a neophyte in customizing cars?


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Turbo. There isnt much in the supercharger world for Hondas. The only kits are much more than $1500. I would suggest you research each part of a turbo kit and piece it together separately. I always warn again buying a kit on ebay. Sometimes you can save money and get quality parts used.

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