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New to the forums, and I've spent the last three days trying to search for some answers to a few questions that I have. I have a roots style blower from a Mazda Millenium, it was brand new that my brother was going to use on his s10 xtreme but went the turbo route. Its meant for a 2.3l motor, which doesn't bother me, but has anyone used anything other than a Jackson racing or Vortech supercharger on their cars? I dont live anywhere near where my car at the moment. I have done custom pieced together kits before on Subaru's, and sort of know the gig, but thought Id ask about a couple things. My car - a healthy 94 LS coupe, 5 spd, bone stock, 231k on it but compression and leak down tests are damn near perfect from what the dealership said this last week. I know its healthy enough for boost. Injector sizing, Im not sure which ones to grab or if I even need them. Im not looking for crazy numbers, looking for about 150-160 whp, or what ever I can get out 8-9 psi. Ill have a full dc sports exhaust shortly, 4-2-1 header, cat back, and a new high flow cat. Im the second owner, never owned a Honda product in my life. Im looking for advice, as it took me a long time to source the parts for my impreza build 5 yrs ago. I will be driving the car to anchorage in a couple days, so I need to get most of what I need before hand as getting stuff to Alaska sucks. Mounting placement ideas would be awesome, as I have never been down to see my car yet or know how much room I have to play with. Also experience from those how have used any sc would be helpful as Id rather spend the time and money to do this once. Thanks. Hit me up for any questions if I didnt answer them.

I plan on doing a fuel pump, fpr, and hondata s100 for management. I dont think I left anything out for the moment.
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Otherthing other than JRSC or Vortech? Yes there is Kraftwerks now.

Keep in mind Honda D/B/H series spin counter clockwise which means you cant easily slap on a supercharger meant for an engine that spins clockwise. So you will need to research your plans thoroughly.

Youll want at least 550cc injectors to support 350whp.

S100?! lol Are we in a time machine? Is it still 2013?
You dont need an aftermarket FPR but you do need a wideband.