Tachometer and cruise not working


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I know I asked this a while back, but I was hoping someone could have more feedback by now. Anyways:
I have not had my tachometer working since I got this car early this year. I really don't give a crap about the tach working or not, I just want my cruise control to work because I'm on the highway forever each day. I checked almost everything leading to my cruise control except the steering wheel switch, the cruise control motor under the hood by driver tophat, and the dizzy.

As for troubleshooting. I been trying just about everything, its winter now so I had to give up. If anyone can give me a straight up answer relating to anything besides to what I list up there and below this please I am welcoming them.

Pedal Switches(clutch/brake switches)
Dizzy Wire( Blue )

Bigger question too: What is the FIRST part the tachometer starts at?


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From everything I looked into, the tach itself doesn't need to work, but it does need the dizzy signal I think? I researched a lot of this. If you're telling me I don't need the tach, then tell me why I cannot get my cruise control to work.

yeah check the fuses

pull the cluster out and make sure all the wires are hooked to the tachometer....if they are you nay just need a new cluster
I was under the impression that you need to tach to work to get the cruise to work, but now realize you just want both of them functioning.

There are not many items in the cruise control system, though the electrical diagram for it is rather confusing.

You said that you checked the brake and clutch switch, I would also look to make sure the cable from the actuator runs through the firewall and is hooked onto the pedal. Also, there is a cruise control unit under the dash, on the driver side. It may be unplugged.

I suggest you go to HondaHookup.com and sign up to download the PDF manual for your car. There is a very descriptive troubleshooting guide for the cruise control system, detailed enough to make me feel like I am recreating the wheel trying to type it all up.

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