The official Cascade Honda Crew thread.

You got that right.

Now he's making blue people flying shyt.
Astoria isn't too far. Possible may might show up and do some fishing.
If you still want to come out to the meet, let me know. So far, we have the WA and OR people meeting at Longview WA at NOON. We will be meeting at Bruno's Pizza and head out around 1pm to Astoria OR ;)

Just dont bring anyone stupid, like OneFast :lol:
I wonder how many people showed up.
It got bumped to next saturday, because of the holiday weekend. Didnt want to deal with vacationers :lol:
So far, we have 20+

Come through if you want. I dont care what car you drive ;) If you do show up, come to the Tacoma Krispy Kreme pre meet at 10am. We leave at 1030 to make it out to Longview WA by Noon o'clock
You want me to make it to Tacoma for 10 AM?

So how was it?