Track tire setup recommendations


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Hello i got a new integra so that i can build and track. I have a type r jdm 98 spec stock engine with gsr trans in my other integra as a daily (bought my engine first (; ). soon i will swap it into my 96 rs and begin suspension mods for a fun track hobby. ive done some reaserch now and have an idea of what i should try. okay. 15x9 front with 225 45 15 on front and 15x8 215 50 15 on rear. looking at rpf1 high offset not sure (maybe recomend a offset). I read that this staggered (45 front 50 rear) set up gives you better control and somthing with roll out. also read that these sizes are great for keeping the tires square to prevent a tire roll. Im not far away from starting but i thought i can collect info before anything. whats your setup and does anyone have experience or know anything about my setup idea? any feedback or criticism is helpful.