Trouble starting 1990 Acura integra

I have a 1990 Acura integra that has recently been giving me problems starting. I have crank but wont start. I will come back 2 hours later and it will start just fine. When it starts it runs great! No idle issues, no lag, doesn't run rough. It has left me stranded several times now and it's driving me nuts because I can't figure it out. I have recently changed the fuel filter, new plugs, new starter, new battery. I'm thinking it might be the IACV but I'm not sure. Can someone please help!
Do you "prime" the fuel before turning it fully on? I.e. turning the key where all electronics are on but just before you start to crank it and holding it there for about 2-3 seconds. Maybe give that a try

We had that problem. Car would crank forever when the ambient temp was warm or hot. It was a faulty fuel relay switch. Put in a new one and problem solved.
I had a different problem, I was running my car on a hot day, and the EVAP system was flooding the engine with gasoline fumes, left me stranded on the side of the road after I turned off the car, it would crank and not start, eventually I removed the gas cap to relieve the fuel pressure and with the car off had the throttle open and waited about 10 mins and it started back up just fine.

Other days if I drive the car to where it's warmed up, especially on a warm day, and the stop for a short time, it will want to die when I start it so I have to give it extra gas to keep the engine running.

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