Ty's '07 Cobalt SS/SC


No fucks given.
Not sure what type of bug it was, or even if it was a bug at all... but I guess I don’t need to hurry up and heal seeing as they fired both me and my dad Friday. Fucking senile bastard closed his part of the company and his son is too cheap to pay us, soooo we lost our jobs.

Anyway, I had to grab something out the shed that I put the old shocks in. Turns out the ones that came off the car were OESpectrum... meaning those were cheap ass base model Monroe shocks too. Glad I bought all FE5 shit when I had the chance


The other asshole
Fuck sake... well, welcome back to the jobless life


No fucks given.
Had an interview at autozone this morning for a driver position, they seemed interested. Won’t k ow for sure til probably Tuesday.

Anyway, came home from that and put my new exhaust (header all the way back) on. Fixed my idle fluctuations as well.

Along with the rear suspension. Still need to do the fronts, but figured wtf since I was working back there anyway. Ignore how dirty the car is.